Frequently Asked Questions

As SCCPL continues to expand its horizon in various domains of services, we would like our offerings to be simple and well understood by our patrons. We hope the FAQs below will help answer most of the doubts you may have.

What does laboratory accreditation mean?
Laboratory Accreditation is a formal recognition of competent laboratories such as SCCPL Calibration Laboratory, which underlines the value of service provided to the customer. It is a testimony that our laboratory staff and quality management system has been audited and routinely participates in proficiency trials to prove that we are carrying out calibration to the highest standard.

What kind of accreditation does Syscon Calibration Centre Pvt. Ltd. have?
We have been accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for our calibration services only. The accreditation is in accordance with internationally accepted standard ISO/IEC : 17025 for various mechanical parameters such as Pressure, Torque and Dimension. (see our Accreditation Certificate).

What is the significance of having ISO 17025 accreditation?
ISO IEC : 17025 is one of the most popular quality standards for all calibration and testing laboratories, worldwide. All measurements and decisions should be based on accurate, repeatable, verifiable, cost effective, timely, and believable measurements, opinions, and recommendations. ISO :17025 helps assures this happens first time, every time, and on-time. Without these assurances, the data, opinion, and recommendations are immediately suspect, questionable, risky, and of greatly reduced value and usability. In other words, having ISO :17025 accreditation enhances customer confidence in accepting calibration reports issued by our calibration centre.

What are the benefits of accreditation to our customers?
  • Customers are ensured of sound Quality Assurance System and technical competency of calibration service.
  • There is a good amount of savings in terms of time and money due to reduction or elimination of the need for re-testing of products.
  • The Calibration is in accordance with international standard ISO/IEC :17025 and the calibration certificate is recognized and valid globally.
  • With ISO : 17025 certified calibration, the customer will enjoy greater access of their products.
  • Increase of confidence in Calibration data and personnel performing work.
How is NABL accreditation different from ISO : 9000 certification?
  • ISO : 9000 Certification is on Quality System Management only whereas the NABL Accreditation provides formal recognition of technical competence of the laboratories, thus providing a ready means for customers to find reliable testing and calibration services in order to meet their demands as well as the Quality system.
  • Accreditation is a higher level activity than system certification.
  • Even though a laboratory is ISO :9000 certified, it tells you nothing about its technical competence or its ability to provide reliable and accurate test data that will be accepted by you, your customers or trading partners.
  • On the other hand, laboratory accreditation against the standard ISO/IEC :17025 covers the quality management elements of ISO 9000. So laboratory accreditation, which is based on ISO/IEC :17025 is a measure of both technical competence and quality management and is the most appropriate process rather than quality ISO : 9000 certification.
What is the accredited scope of calibration carried out at SCCPL?
You can see the NABL accredited scope of calibration being offered at SCCPL through this link. Accreditation Certificate

Does SCCPL also offer calibration services that are outside the accreditation scope?
Yes we do offer a wide ambit of calibration services related to Force, Pressure & Vacuum, Dimension, Torque and Flow, which are outside the accredited scope of NABL accreditation. You can see here a complete list of equipments that we calibrate.

What kind of calibration certificate does SCCPL issue?
For the calibration falling within the accredited scope, SCCPL issues a certificate carrying the NABL logo, the sole accreditation body in India for ISO 17025. This certificate will be acceptable nationally and internationally.
For the calibration service done outside the NABL accredited scope, SCCPL issues certificates without the NABL logo. There is a monetary difference between the two kind of certificates.

Does SCCPL take up on-site calibration service?
Yes, we do. Kindly see our On-site Calibration list.

Who determines the frequency of calibration?
The customer must select the frequency of calibration for their equipment or we can provide one without any recommended cycle. The cycle should be based on the instruments accuracy, sensitivity, usage, environment and the risks involved with its use. Only the customer can evaluate all these factors wisely.

What is the average time for completion of calibration and issuing of certificates?
Our standard turnaround is 7 working days, but that is subject to change in accordance with the volume of work. You can call our marketing personnel for more information.

Do you provide urgent service?
Yes, we are able to provide a turnaround within 24 hours. A premium will be charged for this.

What are the payment terms?
SCCPL has a policy of collecting full payment in advance for all calibration services. For repair and maintenance service, the customer must send payment to SCCPL on receiving the Proforma Invoice. Calibration Certificate will be issued only after the full payment is received.

Does SCCPL require a PO # before any work can be scheduled?
We do require a purchase order for an onsite calibration prior to the technician coming to your facility. For a service carried out at SCCPL, the work can start without a purchase order, but prior to billing, we will require a formal purchase order from the customer.

Can all items be calibrated onsite?
No, you can send a list to us and we can determine if the equipment needs to be done at our facility or customer site as per our scope.

Do you remind us the due of calibration?
Yes. We will send you the monthly recall reminder list.

What if I loose the certificate of calibration?
If you loose the certificate of calibration, call Marketing Department and they can fax or mail a copy to you - at a nominal cost.